Super Turmeric Capsules / 95% Curcumin


500 CAPSULES – 600 mg

With Pure Organic Ginger, Black Pepper and Galangal

You are buying this product direct from super Turmeric Farmer !



Each capsule contains Pure Organic Ginger, Black Pepper and Galangal.

Super Turmeric Capsules and powders are AUTHENTIC INDIAN ORIGIN, BIO-PREM FORMULA, uniquely formulated for 21st century NATURAL SUPER FOOD – DIRECTLY FROM THE TURMERIC MAN.

We have our own farm so you can purchase these products at wholesale prices. My personal guarantee – BETTER PRICES and SUPER QUALITY TURMERIC PRODUCT – P.P.CHAND, FOUNDER / CEO.


Capsule size comparison – 600mg – 750mg

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