Super Turmeric Powder / 95% Curcumin with X-TRA 21 Herbs & Spices


400 grm

With Pure Organic Ginger, Black Pepper and Galangal


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Each capsule contains Pure Organic Ginger, Black Pepper and Galangal.

Super Turmeric Capsules and powders are AUTHENTIC INDIAN ORIGIN, BIO-PREM FORMULA, uniquely formulated for 21st century NATURAL SUPER FOOD – DIRECTLY FROM THE TURMERIC MAN.

We have our own farm so you can purchase these products at wholesale prices. You are buying this product as SUPER FOOD direct from the Turmeric Farm at wholesale prices.


DISCLAIMER: This product has not been evaluated by FDA, TGA, to treat / diagnose or cure any illness. You are urged to consult and take independent advice from your medical practitioner.



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